Three Must-Visit Nature Landmarks in the Us

Three Must-Visit Nature Landmarks in the Us

Having lived in the western United States all my life, I found the case of this European traveler quite enlightening. When Europeans travel to the United States, they see more of the country than we residents do. If you want to know which city to go to first in the US, click this link:

Having vacationed at Lake Powell (located on the Utah/Arizona border) for the past 40 decades, I have had the opportunity to see many European tourists. I have discovered a variety of itineraries and found them very exciting. I assumed I would share with you a list of the most popular travel areas in the US. If you want to know more, please keep on reading:

The Grand Canyon


The Grand Canyon is a treat that must be seen to be appreciated. The color and geological formations are simply magnificent. Whether you explore the canyon by ferry, on foot, or by bicycle, your trip will be even better if you pick up a little book called “The Guide.” This free newspaper is available at every entrance station and visitor facilities throughout the park. It contains the best maps, a list of special ranger activities and programs, interesting articles about the park, and a list of available services.

You can stay in the lodge there or in the resort that has been developed. Also, there are various restaurants in the park, ranging from formal dining to fast food. Seven miles southwest of the park is Tusayan, Arizona, the nearest town that offers lodging and other providers. There is no public transportation to the North Rim except for the Trans-Canyon Shuttle. Mule rides are an easy option to explore the canyon’s interior. They are booked well in advance, so start planning. There is a variety of canyon expedition tours, which should also be booked well in advance.

Monument Valley

Located on the border of Arizona and Colorado, the valley is easily accessible via Highway 163. The valley is not a valley in the typical sense of the word. Instead, it’s a somewhat barren landscape with many enormous hills soaring hundreds of feet into the atmosphere.

While you’re likely to see an amusing portion of this landscape from the road, the perfect way to view Monument Valley is to get off the street and into the nearby Navajo Tribal Park. While you are in the park, you can drive the 17 miles of Valley Drive, which will take you through many of the iconic rock formations in this valley. Although the road is dusty and steep in places, most family vehicles can handle the trip, although jeep rentals are also typical.

St. George, Utah

roadIt has a temperate climate with a mild winter, making it one of the best destinations in Utah. Located on Interstate 15, it is right on the highway from Zion to Las Vegas, making it a perfect stop before continuing with the rest of this trip. There are many attractions in St. George for a variety of visitors. Whether you prefer to play golf or relax and shop, the city offers a great selection of adventures. There are many different museums for when you want to spend the day in an educational setting. Two of the best in the area are the Dinosaur Discovery at Johnson Farm and the Rosenbruch Wildlife Museum.

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