Options to Save Money While on an RV Camping Trip

Options to Save Money While on an RV Camping Trip

Although domestic vacations are often touted as relaxing, peaceful, and fun adventures for young and old alike, the reality is often the opposite. This is especially true if you’re traveling by air, or if you have children by your side. The best thing about traveling by RV is the flexibility and freedom you have. You can even opt for cool teardrop trailers that would certainly improve the vibe.

This article is geared toward beginning campers, and it will guide you through several basics for your RV camping trip. There are several ways to save money on an RV camping trip, but to get started, you need to choose the number of amenities and services you want. Below are your options to save money while on an RV camping trip:

Full Hookup Camping

Full hookups usually include electricity, sewer, and water, but some campgrounds also offer cable television, telephone, and other amenities. This is the most expensive technique to camp, but it is still possible to find an inexpensive campground. Most private campsites that offer full hookup will also offer you the option of partial hookup (electricity or electricity and water, but no trench) to find a more affordable rate.




It is also known as dry RV camping, which exemplifies camping in organic areas without services. It is one of the cheapest types of camping because you don’t have to pay for utilities, services, clubhouses, or possibly many services.

Overnight Parking

playgroundThis can be called strict parking camping, and it can also be completely free dry camping which usually only has city and county ordinances. Other companies will regulate mountain bikes in store and lots of parking businesses, but experienced RVers know that companies welcome RVers nightly provided that there are no city ordinances out. Many discount stores, truck stops, many restaurants, and many department stores offer free overnight parking. Some of the ones we have used are keg restaurants.


You have to book a campsite to have a place to stay and sleep. Even if you are only staying for one night, you should find a campground. Each state has its own rules about where RVs can park. Sometimes you can stop and sleep on the road; other times, you can only park in designated areas. Legalities aside, you can take advantage of electrical and water hookups at a campground or RV park. This site will help you choose a campground. It lists RV parks, national parks, and private campgrounds throughout the United States. Once you arrive at the campground, you should take advantage of what it has to offer. Go hiking, explore local towns or sit back and relax.

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