Best Laptops for Travel Photographers

Best Laptops for Travel Photographers

There are many specialties for photographer kinds. Each type has its needs and equipment. It could be more complicated when discussing the devices for travel photographers. They also need other essential tools instead of the camera. For instance, they might need an excellent laptop that helps them in editing their photos. It is much easier to buy a good desktop computer for photo editing than a laptop. Photo enhancement work is much easier to do on a larger screen that allows for lots of open windows. Photoshop and similar software packages rely on a lot of processing power to run smoothly, and laptops often sacrifice power for portability. Therefore, having a great laptop could support their work. If you are struggled to find the best laptop, you could visit Besides, these are some recommended laptops that might fit your needs;

HP laptop

HP Spectre x360 13T

This laptop has an excellent display, which should be IPS rather than TNT. It is essential to ensure the reproduction of reliable and accurate colors on the screen. TNT monitors are a bit poor in color. It also has narrow viewing angles to show the screen clearly. IPS screens, on the other hand, are used in laptops and are especially important for photographers. Of course, not all IPS screens are the same. Therefore, it would be better to pay attention to what percentage of the Adobe RGB spectrum the screen shows and ensure you calibrate it correctly before you start working.

Besides, this HP laptop provides two powerful CPU versions, which are an i5 and an i7. It would give you more comfortable experiences while using the laptop. If you’re likely to be producing large RAW pictures, you could also launch other apps smoothly. Transferring large files from your camera to your laptop will be a very tedious process if you don’t have a card reader. This laptop also has the latest USB 3.0 ports and not the cramped USB 2.0 ports. Therefore, you could process huge documents instantly.

MacBook Pro

Apple devices always attract many people to have them. One of the significant tools is MacBook Pro. It is considered the luxury desktop with Apple’s Retina display technologies. Some designers and photographers decided to choose this laptop kind regarding the benefits they could get. The 13.3-inch version is very thin and portable, weighing only 3.6 pounds.

MacBook ProAlthough the integrated graphics are slightly less powerful than a dedicated graphics card, the new Intel 6000 is much better than its predecessor at handling image editing tasks. Besides, the rest of the specs also ensure that the MacBook Pro can handle demanding tasks. However, Mac users couldn’t upgrade the system frequently. While the Retina display is great, it shows a lot of light, making it difficult to work in broad daylight. Many photographers and musicians prefer matte screens.

Dell XPS Dream Machine

If you want a Windows device, Dell’s latest creation, the XPS 15, is a strong contender. It will include many different specifications, with costs ranging from around $1,500. Dell’s screen is its biggest selling point, super-bright, very sharp, with a higher resolution, unlike Apple’s Retina. It creates a real treat with this laptop. And aside from the high specs, It includes an impressive and dazzling package. However, this laptop is very slim, although it provides some powerful functions. Therefore, it could be a perfect option for travel photographers.

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