Must-Visit Places in North Carolina

Must-Visit Places in North Carolina

North Carolina has one of the most diverse landscapes in the country. The Atlantic Ocean coastline offers many of the most impressive beaches on the planet. From swimming in the pool to hiking, there are various ways to enjoy the state’s natural beauty. There is much to explore in most of North Carolina’s three physiographic regions: the coast, Piedmont, and the hills. Even though the rich history of Charlotte City invites you, there are other tourist spots located in different cities that you need to check out. Here are some of them:

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Wright Brothers National Memorial

A monument near the top of this well-manicured dune marks the spot and offers unparalleled views. A visitor center and heritage interpretive site describe the basics of the achievement. This tour makes an exciting trip, especially to the Norfolk (Hampton Roads) state, and could easily be combined with Jockey’s Ridge visit. There is a fee at the gate. See the National Park Service website for fee information.

Cape Lookout National Seashore

Don’t confuse this with the more developed and populated Cape Hatteras National Coast, accessible by car. Cape Lookout National Coast has no roads, and you’ll need a charter boat or ferry to get there. A great introductory day trip is from Cape Lookout Lighthouse, at the southern end of the national coast, accessible by charter boat from Harkers Island. If you fancy calmer waters, try swimming to music on the opposite side of the island. Access to the national coast is free, but there is a fee for the charter boat.

Hammocks Beach Skate Park

Almost all of the pristine park is designated on an island, also recognized as Bear Island. This park persists inaccessible to road touring and is more the domain of the dedicated adventurer. Although it takes a while to get here, this should not deter the practicable visitor. Plan an overnight stay and bring a kayaker to this natural place, where the water has incredible shades of blue, and the wildlife includes turtles and dolphins.


Though there are ancient towns in North Carolina (e.g., Toilet, the nation’s oldest, and Beaufort), Wilmington, in the state’s northwest intersection, has the historic charm and size that make it an attractive regional destination. There are several beaches near Wilmington, especially when you venture south below the Cape Fear River’s mouth. Southport, a once sleepy and now trendy town in this area, is an enticing place to explore. Fort Fisher is located nearby and contains the remains of an earthen fort used during the Civil War. Although it doesn’t have the best selection of marine life, it features temples living in or on North Carolina waters and has an excellent selection of marine life in general.

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